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The idea for Legends of Kijenor came up when D&Ding with some buddies of mine. Their story and the world that they were placed in was a perfect set up for a video game or animation as all great stories are. 

This story in particular follows the path of a ranger named Rokai, a proud member of the minor noble house of Belvont; joining up with the adventurer's guild in hopes to bring his family name to new heights. On his way to find companions for his journey, he meets a high elf who goes by the name of Locke Valentine, hailing from the High Elven Capital of Dah'Ren which resides on the north eastern part of the continent. He left his home to further his studies in the arcane and explore parts of the world he's yet to see. At least that's what he says anyways. Rokai also meets a wood elf who's known throughout the guild as Apeiros. No one knows much of his past in particular, but he's mostly known for doing the dirty work for the guild if he's paid the right sum. Lastly, he later finds a young lad knocked out in a cave who goes by the name of Leonytus. A charming young man, but at some points he does show his half-wittedness a little too openly.

These four join up together to try and uncover the strange things that have been happening in the area. Bandits have become more active on the main roads, orcs have been raiding the farmlands more consistently, and the creatures of the Fah'Heln Woodlands have become restless. 

Rokai's uncle assumes that these strange things that are happening are the cause of the old prophecy beginning to unfold. The prophecy foretold of the return of a dark and ancient evil that once ravaged the world and nearly tore it apart.

Long ago during, the 2nd Era and the Age of Darkness, an age that changed the course of history for all of those that existed on the material plane, there was a strong and evil curse that managed to spread across the entire world. A curse that would drive men and women to the brink of insanity.  

This curse re-birthed three lords of evil, thought to have been sealed away forever. There was Ronyar, the once noble, but now fallen King of the old kingdom of Brea. The King’s honor and pride were no match for the power of the shade that possessed his mind. He and his noble soldiers, now of armor darker than night followed closely behind possessed yet still loyal to the crown, eradicated all that stood before them. Then there came Linea, the Queen of Scales. Riding in through a portal that was conjured from thin air. In her command were legions of ferocious dragons, wyverns, drakes, and wyrms of the darkest abyss, whose hides were practically impenetrable and flames when breathed, would light up the night sky and be seen from miles away. Lastly, there was Nyle, the Prince of Death. A strong and powerful wizard, or so he used to be. His magic could not be matched by any other spellcaster throughout the realm. His only downfall was his immeasurable obsession with the dead. More specifically, attempting to bring them back to life. With his power, he conducted experiments to bring back a loved one that he lost long ago. In turn with the many failures that followed, it drove him mad. It was only a matter of time before the curse itself reached Nyle, strengthening the insanity that dwelled within him, turning his heart over to darkness. Filled with rage and regret, he shot down any kind of reasoning and denied any sort of truth, only focusing on his work. Soon after the curse took over his mind, he perfected it. Learning to start with insects and rats. Then moving on to larger animals and creatures. Soon enough he was successfully able to reanimate the dead, raising an army of demons and undead who would do his bidding without question. But oddly enough… he could not bring back his beloved, which only filled him with rage even more. With that, these three lords came together, leading their armies and spreading chaos wherever they decided to tread.

But, with all this darkness engulfing the world, there will always be a tiny spark of light that deems to challenge it. The remaining denizens of all the known races of Kijenor, and all of those who still had a hope in humanity, stood together in an alliance to defeat the oncoming apocalypse. They built strongholds and castles, trained soldiers and built entire armies larger than any ever recorded in history, to fend off the evil that was headed their way. They held their ground in the kingdom of Valencia, a kingdom built by King Garred during the first age. It was one of the final strongholds that stood between humanity and death itself. Once the three lords of evil came across the alliance, a great war was waged that lasted for many years, more commonly known today as the War of Continuance and the field it was fought on, The Field of Ashes. Countless lives were lost, and many sacrifices were made. Eventually, after hundreds upon thousands of deaths, the Alliance of Kijenor began pushing the enemy back. They started to win more battles and reclaim  more land. Soon enough, the alliance prevailed and emerged victorious. But there was no time for a feast nor was there time to mourn… the dead were beyond count, and there was already enough work to do. The alliance quickly took action and began to rebuild their lives. Its survivors spread across the lands that were reclaimed, and flourished wherever they pleased, thus beginning a 3rd Era, The Age of Kings.

Hundreds of years have passed since then, and things are beginning to change, which is why we find ourselves traversing the continent of Kijenor with Rokai and his three companions.

This is only a demo! Remember to explore! I plan to make this a full game eventually, but can't do so without polishing this first, so all constructive criticism is welcome! 


legends of kijenor.exe 416 MB